Floral Courses

Floral Courses

We are bringing something new to the table. These courses will challenge the way we currently look at floral education.

​You will be nurtured in small groups through each of the course blocks – making unique blooms each week, learning about and connecting with the creative within and encouraged to think about the how and why behind what you are making.

We stand out from the crowd  – we offer a thoughtfully considered and curated product. Our courses are generous – you will use premium produce every time you learn and you will create with your own sense of style.

You will actually make beautiful things!

You will get to experiment with the product each week to personalise your design, we believe these personal touches matter. You will be encouraged to not just ‘copy’ what we do, unless of course you want to! We want you to love learning flowers and offer a relaxed setting where you will feel comfortable to express yourself.

We also foster a true sense of community amongst students and celebrate your success with group events such as long table dinners and exhibitions.

Beginners Courses

Week 1: Welcome

Meet and greet, let’s get to know each other.
Talk – flower care + tools of the trade.
Discussion – when to use what…chicken wire, flower frogs, tape etc.
Demonstration – Debra’s top vases + everyday flowers for home.
Make – glass vase arrangement with blooms styled for your home.

Week 2: Posy

Focus – technique + practice.
Talk – flower posies throughout history and how they have evolved.
Demonstration – hand tied organic style posy and wrapping techniques.
Make – create a hand tied posy with seasonal blooms and learn how to wrap it as a gift.

Week 3: Assemble

Talk – wiring and taping 101
Demonstration – buttonholes, corsages, floral head bands AND cake flowers!
Make – buttonhole, corsage, floral head band (think Melbourne cup) and cake flowers.
Eat – cake…….well why not?!

Week 4: Moss

Discussion – ‘contemporary’ designs in floral education….what does this even mean?!
Demonstration – natural arrangement with twigs, garden flowers and foraged elements with a moss base, nestled in a wood vessel.
Make – create your own wood vessel arrangement, embracing an organic, natural feel.

Week 5: Wreath

Talk – types of wreaths and the art of wreath making.
Demonstration – abundant fresh flower wreath.
Make – create your own full floral, garden style wreath that can be used as a centrepiece or displayed hanging with beautiful ribbon.

Week 6: Table

Talk – table styling + centrepiece designs.
Demonstration – table arrangement, whimsical natural design.
Make – create your own special arrangement to take home with premium elegant flowers.
Celebrate – style the table together using your arrangements, crockery, flatware, candles and linens to create a beautiful table display.  Celebrate the end of the course with bubbles, canapés and your new flower friends.

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Intermediate Floral Course

Week 1: Recipe

Focus – storytelling with flowers.
Talk –  flower recipes, what works and why.
Demonstration – An arrangement showcasing the much loved rose as a feature flower.
Learn how to create a story with the addition of other blooms.
Make – an arrangement with roses as the focus, using your other flower choices to reflect uniqueness.

Week 2: Colour

​Focus – trust your intuition.
Discussion – tone, contrast and colour theory…why some combinations just work.
Demonstration – multiple arrangements in different colour stories embellished with beautiful wallpaper wrapped vases. We will go crazy with colour!
Make – create your own arrangement with individual colour expression and voice using a colour theme of your choice.

Week 3: Wreath

Focus – pursuit of perfection.
Talk – wreath making, taking it to the next level with planning + generosity.
Demonstration – an exquisite forever wreath with preserved and dried blooms.
Make – a well planned and thought out natural wreath on grapevine base with textural elements, dried and preserved flowers.

Week 4:  Bouquet

Focus – technique + flower choices.
Talk – how to master your bouquet making techniques.
Demonstration – different types of bouquet shapes, which one is your natural style?
Make – create a hand tied posy with seasonal blooms based on one of the demonstrated styles.
Let your personality shine with your flower combinations.

Week 5: Whimsy

Focus – less is more.
Talk – which flowers sing beautifully given freedom and space.
Demonstration – the art of arranging flowers to let them shine. A style that is often badly done, learn how to execute this challenging art with confidence.
Make – a pared back, elegant display in a stunning ceramic bowl with a metal flower frog.

Week 6: Centrepiece

Focus – textural composition + floral juxtaposition.
Talk – centrepieces…classics through to current trends.
Demonstration – garden style urn arrangement with textural elements.
Make – create your own full floral, garden style centrepiece with elegant blooms and whimsical touches in vintage style urn.

​Week 7: Dine

Talk – table styling, events and the role of florals.
Demonstration – long floral centrepiece.
Make – create your own divine centrepiece.
Celebrate – style the tables together using your flower arrangements, crockery, flatware, candles and linens to create a beautiful table display. Learn how to photograph the design beautifully.

Enjoy a long table dinner together and celebratory bubbles with your flower friends.

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Advanced Floral Course

Week 1: Trends

Focus – be inspired, grow + stay in your lane.
Talk – a conversation on current trends across the globe with a study on international florists.
BYO – bring your favourite books + photos from your floral idols to inspire the group.
Demonstration – a modern interpretation of a grouped style ‘corporate’ arrangement.
Make – merge classic and contemporary to create an arrangement in a divine vase with premium elegant blooms.

Week 2: Everlasting

Focus – when everyone is doing it….how can you find your own voice?
Talk – where is the trend for preserved florals heading? How to embrace it without overdoing it.
Demonstration – a forever design to take your breath away, using the very best preserved + dried blooms and made with intention and generosity.
Make – work with everlasting flowers to make a natural, forever design that is different to those currently saturating the market. You will receive a very special hand made vessel for your design.

Week 3: Whimsy

Focus – let go with grace + listen to the flowers.
Talk – why whimsical designs are so hard and how to overcome design hurdles.
Demonstration – free form arrangement focusing on placement and learning to loosen your grip on the design process to let the flowers take control.
Make – explore the concept of movement and expression in this challenging but rewarding design. Master floral arranging, working in an intricate vessel with inbuilt flower frog to create your own magical piece.

Week 4: Bridal

Focus – do the work you love, the rest falls into place.
Talk – the queen of all things floral is the bridal bouquet, how can we make them memorable.
Demonstration – hand tied organic style bridal bouquet inspired by current trends in shape but created with artistic freedom and flowing style.
Make – the bridal bouquet you have always wanted to make, relish in the artistic freedom.

Week 5: 1:1 Private Lesson

Focus – contemplation + awareness….find your true calling.
Chat – an open discussion on your floral direction. What kind of florist/creative do you want to be? What does success look like to you? What are your strengths? How can I help?
Growth – we will work on an arrangement style together, something that you have been finding challenging and start refining your natural style.

Week 6: Creatives

Focus – self expression.
Discussion – the floristry industry….ask me anything – I have over 25 years of experience to draw on and encourage your questions. We are always learning no matter what stage we are at.
Make – the arrangement of your dreams, enjoy complete artistic licence with your flower choice in a shop full of blooms, embracing the confidence built after your mentoring session last week. Honour the creative you are becoming by taking the time to let go and just be in the moment.

Week 6: Community

This week we focus on large scale designs and group projects, working together for our celebratory event….your exhibition!

Work as a group, harnessing all the confidence and creativity you have gained to build a hanging floral installation, large scale event arrangements for the bar AND a grazing table.

​Preparing for this exhibition will be the perfect finish to your incredible journey.

Let’s celebrate with an evening to cherish – gathered together admiring inspired florals, enjoying drinks and a grazing table.

​Invite a friend to mingle with us in the magical floral space that you have helped to create.

We will also be inviting design industry peers and clients to the exhibition. We are so very proud to showcase your work and to share it with a wider audience to show what a difference creative education can make.

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