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Easter style guide.

27th March 2024 Debra Hayes

I often wonder – is it just me who grabs any opportunity life throws at you to decorate, to make things beautiful and to go over the top?! Everything about Easter embodies this for me – table styling, decorating, flowers, plants and treats. There is so much to love, exquisite things to create and share with others, which is what I believe are the very best things in life.

When it comes to florals and Easter I adore anything that is bulb-like as it symbolises new life – hyacinths and tulips often appear just in time for Easter in Australia and look adorable arranged simply with moss at the base like they are bursting through the soil – new life. I also love using home grown elements such as herbs to add a touch of fragrance and natural whimsy along with budding greenery, vines and grasses.

Easter vase with herbs

I have so much to share with you about Easter so I created two videos over on Instagram as well as this blog. Watch my videos to see how to arrange flowers in a simple Easter vase with 3 different looks-  from tulips and moss to a collection of fragrant herbs and pretty hydrangea with grasses. The idea here is what we have coined ‘lazy floristry’ – if you are a beginner, investing in vases that take the difficulty out of flower arranging is life changing. There are lots of other decorating ideas on there too. As always please reach out to us with any questions.

The power of a twig.

One non negotiable for me is to have real twigs and branches at home…..bringing nature inside. They are such a wonderful way to give impact without having to invest in flowers or greenery all the time. Naked branches look architectural and interesting on their own for your day to day decor – add some flair to them with Easter decorations and flowers in vases underneath/amongst them and voila you have a whole new look! It is a cost effective way to give the appearance of abundance with a reusable, multi use product. Keep your eyes peeled during verge collection times for interesting branches that need a new home. The very best time to pick up amazing branches in store is autumn and spring and then retain them for Christmas, Easter and other occasions. Look for gnarly branches with bends and twists and interesting nodes for the most impact. In the picture below I have arranged the branches in urns and finished them with a base of fresh moss. This is a quick and stylish option and looks stunning on a food buffet or kitchen bench.

When purchasing Easter products I look for timeless decorations that you can add slowly to each year. I still have the same wooden tree that I purchased 20 years ago that I look forward to unpacking and re doing each year with some new bits and pieces. I guess it is a bit like Christmas – buying classic well made pieces is an investment and the look will never go out of fashion.

Easter wreaths have been a cherished symbol of the holiday for centuries and they are also something that our customers enjoy decorating with all year. We adore wreaths that can be used year round, like these metal wreaths. The added bonus of investing in metal wreaths is that they will not only last forever but they can be spray painted easily if you would like to change up the colour or look. Elegant, useful plants such as bay trees also make for clever decorating. Pot up plants in terracotta for a classic look and finish with moss, even ribbons if you like. Then bring the outside in for your Easter table or kitchen bench and then pop the plants back outside to enjoy indefinitely. We like to give you decorating ideas that transcend the seasons, are timeless and can be reused time and time again.


Tired of chocolate eggs?

Easter gifting done differently – from garden journals and Easter table centrepieces to gift hampers, vintage pieces, french lollies and so much more….can you tell that we search high and low to find you different things?!

Our online store and in store offerings are there to make your gift shopping more exciting and unique. Combine that with our complimentary gift wrapping and attention to detail and you have a one stop shop that ticks all of the boxes and that we hope you find a joy to visit every time.

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