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Corsages – an accessory or so much more?

1st March 2023 Debra Hayes

“Sometimes you will never know the value of a moment until it becomes a memory.”

Dr Seuss

Like that moment you received your first corsage ever from your date and you realised that the big night was finally here. When they fumbled tying it on your wrist and it broke the awkwardness. When your Dad bought you a corsage because you weren’t taking a date and everyone got a little teary at how cute that was. When you found your corsage crumpled and browning (but still pretty) shoved protectively in your clutch the next morning and you smiled remembering how much fun you had.

A history of the corsage

Since ancient times, flowers have been a popular accessory. Ancient Greeks often wore flowers to weddings because they thought the fragrance would keep away bad luck. The bride and all the women in attendance would wear or carry flower arrangements.

Women’s corsages started going up the dress, from the bodice to the shoulder. They were significantly larger than modern corsages and were put on backwards, with the bow on top. A corsage was a symbol of prestige and honour.

The tradition of presenting a lady with a corsage on the occasion of a dance began in the 20th century. Escorts would bring a gift, like flowers, to the parents of their dates. Then he’d pluck a flower from the bouquet and fasten it to her dress. Since spaghetti straps and other strapless dress styles have become increasingly popular, corsages have been relegated to the wrist.

Our mission to honour tradition.

We are on a mission to elevate the act of giving and thoughtfulness. Maybe even bring back that element of surprise and let your date choose something for you with no instructions or expectations. It is ultimately all about the thought and care that has gone into a gesture.

We are bringing back beautifully made wearable flowers that are not an afterthought and are made with love. Memory makers. Our current season of corsages are made with preserved (real) flowers. They can be kept and remembered for years to come. Available in different colour palettes with ribbon or bangle fixings and designed to be an accessory, not to take over your outfit.

We hope to make you feel special when you receive it, when you wear it and when you rediscover it in your box of precious memories in years to come.


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