About our experiences

About our experiences

We offer a broad range of workshops and courses suitable for absolute beginners, those in aligned industries wanting more confidence arranging flowers to florists wanting to expand their creativity.

We foster a true sense of community amongst students, we want you to love learning flowers and offer a relaxed setting where you will feel comfortable to express yourself. You are encouraged to not just ‘copy’ what we do, unless of course you want to! We invite you to experiment with flowers to personalise your designs, we believe these personal touches and our generosity with product matters.

We teach you BEAUTIFUL things and give you memorable moments. The floral community we create is genuine, honest and friendly.

We embrace sustainable practices, modern techniques and encourage you to develop and grow into your own unique style. Flowers are our world and we invite you to be a part of it and experience something truly special.

We offer –

Signature Workshop – seasonally

Floral Short Course – twice a year

Whole day Masterclass

Private workshops + events

1:1 mentorships.

As well as various casual workshops and demonstration events during the year.

Private workshop

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Debra is also available for guest teaching and demonstration opportunities. Please reach out via email with any requests or enquiries.