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Manic Botanic: The good old days.

27th April 2021 Debra Hayes

“If it is both terrifying and amazing then you should definitely pursue it.”

Around this time 24 years ago I opened my first flower shop.

I had NO IDEA (note the bunch on the bench!) As a 23 year old, my first ‘real’ job was working for myself. I was full of enthusiasm and determination but ultimately untrained and with a lot to learn. I have never looked back after taking that giant leap.

That shop, Manic Botanic and my customers were my world for 17 years. If I could whisper into the ear of my young naive self the one thing I would tell her is –

“it will be ok, surrender to this world of flowers because it will hold you in its arms forever.”

Anyone else remember the Manic days as fondly as me?! Or is no one else that old?!!!!

Manic Botanic: The good old days.
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